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How not to destroy your wedding

On this day, if you are preparing for a wedding you can find a bunch of articles and tips that will teach you how to plan a successful wedding. But were you able to read about how can you destroy your wedding with just a few actions. sim wedding photographer will help you with that.Basically how can you know what to do if you do not know what not to do?

I have plenty of time to plan everything

Why would you spend months and months for the wedding when it can be done in a few days, we’ve seen it on a TV. Two days is enough to choose a wedding dress that would be perfect. Do not believe it? Try and you’ll see! You will regret it for the rest of your life.

It will be as I say

You hate traditional music, you’re not exactly intomeat and traditional food? No problem! Make wedding according to your taste. Do not pay attention to the number of guests, the ordinary rules or the the wishes of your partner. You are the princess and everything will be as you want. Micro food and contemporary jazz is your choice and even if the relatives are not just into jazz, and want pork and traditional music, you shouldn’t care, everyone who does not like it can stay at home.

It will be as my partner says

This is the other extreme stupidity. It is about letting the partner decide for you. You don’t care about the flowers or the food, so it will be easier to let the partner decide. Then, you can spend your entire life fight with your partner about it.

It is all their fault

For everything that can unpredictably happen on the wedding it is probably because of someone else’s fault. It is always easier to put the blame on someone else right? Well this is your day and that is enough stress. So everyone else should understand it, andtheyshouldn’t expect you to be responsible and keep everything under control. Your day is all you are obliged to tolerate, and that is all.

My wedding, my thing           

You want to wear your wedding dress with a deep neckline, so what, you can do that, it’s your wedding. You want to drink vodka from the bottle in front of everyone and look ridiculous, so what… You want to get crazy and dance like a fool on some good techno, so what, it is your wedding.

Finally, here’s a warning, if you want some of those things to happen onyour own wedding then do not put the blame of the fate, or someone else. The fault is all yours. Plan your wedding wisely and make sure you ask people what they want to eat and what kind of music to hear. Yes, it is your wedding, but if the guests don’t like it, they will leave.