Toronto martial arts

Way of the Japanese Martial Arts

toronto martial arts  are not only a hobby, they are a way of life. DO in Japanese means PATH, in a philosophical sense. Earlier denomination skills ended with jutsu meaning art. Karate Jutsu, Ken Jutsu, JuJutsu, kyujutsu, IAI Jutsu, as long as Japan does not demilitarize and set these benchmarks to philosophy or to the goal, which in both cases is identical terminology. Later, the terminology changed karate to Ken to, to jujitsu, kyu up, IAI. It is interesting that all the other skills that are not included into martial arts, carry the same attribute. For example, sado (a ritual of tea), Shodo (writing calligraphy) etc.

From all this you will see that they all along have endless art and philosophical journey in themselves. Among them all there is a characteristic tendency of perfect vase or technique, harmonized breathing, empty thoughts and KI energy as a sublimation of spiritual freedom that leads to Satori. There you will find that path to the Japanese or the Chinese TAO’s philosophy of life. It does not mean just an empty waving of hands and feet, empty fight or physical superiority. On the contrary, with a long-term exercise and complete dedicationthey will guide you to the path of achieving the spiritual goal, and that is called satori. It is a lot similar to the Zen Buddhist philosophy, which is a road map and guide to the final goal. The methods are different, the path is different, but the purpose is the same and unique.

There are other ways and roads that cannot be included in the Japanese martial arts such as yoga and an Indian TAEKVON, Chinese kung fu and many others practiced in various parts of the world, from different cultures and religions. The Japanese martial arts and its philosophy is different. There arevarious ways of doing it and only one end. Imagine it as a square to which there are many roads coming from different directions, but all of them come to the only goal, which is the center. The roads here are the way, and the center is the enlightenment. Japanese martial take a lot of time in order to be understood, sometimes a life time. But at least it is knownthatthe person will die with a mission accomplished on Earth, with a clear conscience and filled up with positive spirit and warm heart. In implementing the mission you can often experience satori on the road, which shows you where you are and is there more. As a bottomless well, as a learning without an end. Going deeper in the Japanese martial arts, will feel like you have a home, not technically but spiritually. The technique can be masteredin about fifteen years.

Your understanding of the harmony of these elements will affect the way of performance and create deviation of the basic forms or art. After years of Keiko, your performance will be a reflection of your character and your spirituality. Everything you can see, everything that can be felt. When you reach this, you will already be spiritually free from your ego and material graces.