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Is it Legal to Clean a Septic Tank by Yourself

Cleaning the septic tanks to many fellow citizens has become a luxury that cannot be afforded because of the cold. The only help is provided by the septic tank company bethany, which is a professional company with many years of experience.

 Cleaning a septic tank is a service that is provided by the city public utility company and private companies. Different companies have different prices, and it is most important to find a good one that will provide you with a professional service.

How often one company has to visit the same household depends on the level of terrain. While some are not emptied for 20 years, others intervene for a few days. It should be noted that they also give discounts to regular customers.

The sewage system needs to be cleaned occasionally, as it will remind you of unpleasant smells, delays and other problems with the toilet. If you clean the drain hole too rare, it can accumulate sediment, which will later cause you trouble with the filter. It is better not to wait for the occurrence of this trouble and clean the septic tank.

First of all, choose the right time to clean. The cultivation should be at least 1 – 2 times a year, of course, better to do it in the summer because in winter the septic tank can freeze.

Decide whether or not you will do the cleaning by yourself. If you are not afraid of problems and have good water or faecal pumps, try to do it yourself. Please note that the deposit is sufficiently dense and, most likely, conventional pumps are often clogged and require cleaning. Make sure you are prepared with the necessary elements such as a pump and lid so that you can dispose of fluids seized in a special place (for liquid toxic waste). If you decide to save money and do it by yourself make sure that you are not breaking any law or polluting the environment.
If you are not able to do it by yourself, make sure to choose an appropriate company that deals with similar works and contract services. At the same time, you do not have to worry about transporting and disposing of waste after work.

After you have emptied the septic tank, it must be washed. To do this, use a second pump that can be used to supply water under pressure. Remember that only well washed septic tank will be protected from creating stones. In addition, clean the dirt from the pipe.

Another thing you should do is buy a cleaning product that you can put in the septic tank once you are done with the emptying and the cleaning process. You will immediately see that the scent becomes less intense, the flies disappear, and reduce the amount of swab the next day.

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