Stopping a Trademark Violation With the Help of a Trademark Attorney

If you own a business, then you should have own trademark for your business or a slogan. Trademark is very important and it is going to play a vital role in identifying the company. Trademark adds sense to the company, it is going to distinguish the company from thousand of other players existing in the market. Canada trademark attorney helps to protect a company name so others cannot use it to their advantage. The most important thing is the registration of the trademark which is going to help you in a big way.

There are a few different things you can do get the companies to stop using your trademark. Nobody wants to trademark infringement to take place, but sometimes it occurs. Then you choose the right trademark attorney like to sue the infringed company or individual to the court of justice. Infringement of trademark is going to have huge consequences like damaging the company reputation.

  • The first thing is you should hire a trademark attorney. Many people used the services of trademark attorney that helped them to file the trademark in the first place and this is going to help immensely, since the attorney having full knowledge of your trademark.
  • The first thing the trademark attorney does is searching the records of intellectual property offices. Doing so is the best way since and it is going to give the details of those using your trademark. They not only search the trade mark register they keep an eye on the slogans and that are similar or identical to your own advertisement. This can be seen a potential violation or infringement of trademarked name the attorney is going to act as per the information available to him.

The first thing attorney does is to write a letter to those infringed your trade mark asking to cease the activities which violate the trademark laws. The other party also allowed to file an appropriate reply in the prescribed format to the appeal board. The other party is agreeing to trade mark violation can immediately cease the campaign or file a similar suit against the case. The Canadian law is very tough any trademark violations are treated very seriously. The board is going to look into the replay and decide the further course of action based deliberations. If they found they have violated your trade mark hefty fines and legal costs can be given to you.

Choosing the right attorney is the key to the success. He should have subject knowledge in patent laws and it is always best to have a good experience. In the case of big companies the amount of compensation runs into millions of dollars.

It is possible to settle the cases in out of court with the help trademark attorney. This is going to help you to avoid huge legal expenses and waste of your valuable time. Sometimes the cases go to take months, it is simply a waste of time. Protecting your business is top priority and some people are going to fight in a big way.

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