Most common crimes: Identity theft

Victims of identity theft are persons whose personal data are abused which can cause them suffering from different consequences and losses, such as a huge material damage or use their identity for criminal activity by others, which can be protected by criminal lawyer calgary.

With a fake profile identity thieves go to a meeting, they use a foreign name and card to purchase over the Internet with false, stolen ID card for signing up … The abuse of personal data becomes a growing problem globally, and the dangers of this type of crime is exposed in all over the world . On each occasion of leaving personal information citizens are exposed to a risk of privacy violation. Personal data is something very important and a basic human right, but people do not devote enough attention to their protection and safety. The growing number of violations of this right are coming as a result of insufficient awareness among the population and among young people about the dangers of misuse of their personal data, especially in relation to data sharing on social networks. People are not aware and careful of where they give their personal identification number and number of identity card or a bank card and only a few are informed about the risks posed by the easy access to such data.

The directorate for protection of personal data in the most recent period has seen stealing and misuse of personal data online, and fraud with payment cards.

One of the most common cases of abuse of personal data is by creating fake profiles on online portals through which the creators of these fake profiles interact with others posing in the name of the person concerned. In the past few years the authorities acted upon such complaints, by using fake profiles of celebrities. These profiles were open portals that are not registered in the country and which do not fall under a legislation, however, the directorate as a body that protects privacy and personal data of citizens comes into contact with the teams who support these portals and profiles.

Here is the most common computer fraud

The term “identity theft” does not exist in the Criminal Code of some countries, but there is a term called “abuse of personal data” which covers the mentioned. Victims of identity theft, are the persons whose personal data are abused.

The Law on Personal Data Protection protects the rights of individuals, meaning every citizen, while legal entities have no right to privacy. Most offenses go under the criminal complaint, together with a few others – for fraud, computer fraud, payment with fake cards etc.

According to some studies, in the past few yearsthe abuse of personal data has been detected and a huge number of people faced criminal charges, for using fake credit cards. Fraud and computer fraud are very common these days. In 2013 the number of criminal charges for misuse of personal data remained unchanged, while the number of cases of abuse of personal data in 2015 was increased. Regarding the report of using false payment cards statistics show that in 2013 there was a decrease in the number of cases, but the number of fraud and computer fraud has increased.

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