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Birthdays are special days! They bring back the happy memories for the parents when they were blessed with a child. For kids this day symbolizes fun, laughter, food and gifts. Earlier celebrating birthday of a child was a close family affair, a sort of a family reunion. Grandparents, uncles and aunties blessed the child and wished his or her well for the future. All the cousins got together and had a blast. The preparations used to start in advance and the whole atmosphere became festive and exciting. Buy clothes from Apple Babies Toronto and make your child look beautiful.

With the passage of time birthday parties have not remained just a simple family get together. Children have become more aware and conscious about clothes, movies, fashion and style etc. Now days like weddings, even birthday parties have themes and the most loved and common theme is – Fancy dress theme”.

In theme parties kids love to dress up. They get the opportunity to live their dream. Their creativity and imagination run wild. It’s also a very potent way to channelize their energy in a positive and fun way.  Even parents can have lots of fun in these theme parties.

Everything is available now days to make theme parties fun and authentic from the right kind of decor to create the right atmosphere and mood in the house; to the right kind of clothes as per the party theme. The preparations need to be made in advance so that you child can have a perfect and memorable Theme Birthday Party. Yelp offers a lot of information on baby clothes available.

There are so many options available to buy party wear frocks for girls; designer kids shirts, shorts, skirts etc. You can choose kids party wear, tops for kids and dresses for baby girls etc. from many online baby stores Toronto.

Here are few Fancy Dress Birthday Party themes ideas which we ensure that your child and his or her friends have an unforgettable experience.

  1. Pirate theme – The kids will love getting dress up as little pirates and would love to bring to life the most popular pirate character – Captain Sparrow. A game of treasure hunt will add to the fun and charm of the party. Let them run around and have fun as they find out the treasure. You can easily get best dresses at any baby specialty store Toronto. Four Square offers a lot of information.
  2. Fairy or Princess Theme – Girls will love to dress up as little fairies or princesses. Angel wings and a shiny tiara will add to their beauty, innocence and charm. The boys’ can dress up as Prince Charming. Wow! What a beautiful kingdom the house will turn into.
  3. Jungle theme – Kids love animals and they all have their favorite animal too. Let them roar and shout when they come dressed up as their favorite animal. The house can also be tuned into a little forest with appropriate decoration and settings. Let all hiss, roar and growl.

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